Rasta Double Color Blind


As you taste this shamanistic residually effective tincture, a stellated mind frame will spin inside the galactic wind of these tunnel visioned discrepancies.

Your mind drip will cascade into the images of a double stacked brain surge of surrealistic tendencies.

Juxtaposed ecstatic art to bridge the gaping chasms from one peak to the next.
Studying the effectiveness of a fractal solution, this prohibition of light and truth will incite a revolution.
We are the insane ones for speaking of love and peace, but at least we know that our lives have purpose.
Life is not as transient or insignificant as your studies show, so drop the act and show us the statistical insignificancies of your ill-conceived hypotheses.
Having been led astray for far too long, this liberation will break your manipulated variables to stack the deck of this rigged study of nature versus nurture.
In these retrospective styles we drop in on this tricked out pattern of spiraled infusion.
We break apart from ourselves in the animalistic desire for more pleasure in your confusion.
Going back to the roots of our ancestors, our atavistic sides will spring us forward into the future of civilization.
Societal norms will soon become obsolete as variety is only matched by diversity.
The establishment drags on in the wake of a rising world, as the status quo takes a back seat.
On the backburner lies all things standard in the awakening of a psychosomatic revolution of consciousness.
Our psychotropic influences drive us into the visceral connection of a collective awareness.
In this expanded vision of reality we reach out and beyond because we know how it feels to be left out.
This is a calling to your altruism, so you can either stand out and judge or come in and be accepted.