Why Creativity is Imperative to Your Success

As we all know it takes creativity to make it in any sort of way in this world. It takes true ingenuity, originality, imagination—creativity however you put it—to become successful in any endeavor, not just materially. If you are trying to be successful in the bedroom or in an intimate relationship it takes creativity to keep the fire going. It is in our very nature to explore new things, as a sense of adventure, or raw creativity, is ingrained in our DNA.

creative expression

Even if your journey is a spiritual one, it takes creativity to find yourself or God, whatever philosophy you subscribe to. You literally have to carve your own path whether you’re seeking enlightenment or material success, there is no one else who can walk it for you and not a single person who can do it better in your shoes.

Today’s media would have us believe that we inevitably live in a dog-eat-dog world, that nice guys finish last, and that evolution is all about survival of the fittest, meaning that they would attempt to convince that those who are ruthless and capable of insidious domination are exclusively the ones capable of succeeding. This could not be further from the truth. It is so much more difficult to succeed when you operate in this fashion. People work against you, not with you.

Studies have now shown that in order to succeed either on a personal level or a global one we must transition from competition to cooperation. They have discovered through empirical evidence that the ideal amount of competition for success is zero. That’s right, nada, zilch, no competition whatsoever.


What does this mean? That we should do away with competitive sports and the like? Not at all, but that in the business world, the workforce, the home life, and so on, for the highest amount of success in terms of productivity, harmonious relationships, overall quality of life and environment, when we shift from competition with one another to cooperation every single measurable aspect improves without question.

What does cooperation have to do with creativity, and why is it important? Well, many of us believe that you create your reality by your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and while this is true, a better way could be to say that we are co-creating our reality together, and when you are not only creative on a personal level but in harmony with those around you, truly great things begin to happen. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village, or an entire business, organization, activist movement, what have you, to create a video game, feed the hungry, or bring peace to a nation.

Think about it. Have a great day everyone!

You Must Experience the Dark to Fully Appreciate the Light

dark and light

According to most Eastern philosophies and theologies, as well as my own personal philosophy and many other modern traditions, the reason that opposites exist is not just because of the laws of nature, but because as conscious beings we are meant to experience both and by experiencing one we can more consciously appreciate and align with the other.

After having been thrown into the dark, upon reemerging back into the light you are much more grateful for your rebirth, if you will, and after having experienced only the light for so long it can actually be quite refreshing to go back into the shadows from time to time.

Now, this is coming from someone who for one reason or another became obsessed with the shadow early in life, but anyone who knows the beauty of contrast can attest to this. When life seems to be going “too good” it’s a good reminder that you are human when you fall from grace and realize that you are still just like everybody else.

It’s healthy for our egos to experience a blow every now and then, and when you can appreciate them as opportunities to take a look in the mirror instead of reasons to shake your fists in frustration then you can truly find the blessings hidden within each and every one of your struggles, the insights behind each and every downfall, and you can honestly go through life enjoying every single moment regardless of what’s going on around you.

Some of you might be asking how you can align with the dark, when aligning means to be unified with your Higher Self, or the light. Well, you can do this by realizing that although there is but one Source from which all things are made, which is a Source of light, and although darkness is merely the absence of light, the truth is there is no such thing as absolute darkness or a total severance from your Higher Self.

The light is always there to at least some degree and by aligning with the dark when you are in it, which in actuality is more like a shadow, you are aligning with the perfection of life and seeking the reason you are experiencing the plight you have put yourself in, which in effect allows you to more fully align with the light, returning you back to the appreciation of everything that happens to you, not merely what you would call good.

Such is the yin and yang, the ebbs and flows, the seasons of life, and now perhaps you can more consciously experience each of them with appreciation and gratitude.

The Key to Happiness: Stop Searching For It

As human beings we all just want to be happy, and who knows maybe we are destined to just pursue this illusory thing we call happiness in an endless pursuit of what we think will bring us a feeling that really can’t be described in words.

But maybe what we are really looking for is to find this feeling, this sense of purpose and belonging, in the everyday behaviors that make us who we truly are. Maybe when we realize that there is nothing to look for, that life itself is the reason we exist and that is more than enough, we can begin to understand that with all of the “ups” and “downs” we experience there is only this present moment and our perception of it that can bring us the feeling we think we need to survive.

So perhaps we can stop searching and surrender instead, yield to the fact that we are who we are and there is nothing that will change that, but the only thing that really needs changing is the way we think about who we are, that the paths we have chosen will lead us exactly where we are meant to be and the journey leading us there may just be beyond our scope of understanding. This doesn’t, however, make it anything less than the perfect voyage into a land unknown led by the light of a thousand fires burning by our sides.


These fires are the illuminations of our souls, the elucidations of a hidden corridor deep within the castles of our minds that reflect the inner most desire we each share, the only thing that we all truly have in common: love. It is the glue that holds our reality together, the adhesive in a cohesive world of light and dark, of positive and negative, of that which we believe makes us who we are and that which brings us together in one unified field of consciousness, showing us the truth behind all of the lies and propaganda attempting to mimic the only thing that can possibly be called real.

When I started this post I had no rhyme or reason, just an intense desire to share my experience with you all in the only way that I know how: through words, but now I see that this light behind my eyes, that very same light that shines on the world from behind your own, is that which brightens my experience and allows me to flow into a sense of happiness, a sense of finding something I never lost but instead convinced myself that I needed to search for.