I am the Venom


Life is the venom, and I am the sweetly poisoned, the raptured, the rupturing snake in the grass, I am me.

I am the light but also the dark, the alpha to my omega, the realization of all that can be.

My life is this moment, this enthralling moment of present awareness in the space-time continuum.

I am in this together with me, the blackness that courses my veins in search of a void to fill.

This life is something I chose, something that takes me back home into the ecstasy of deadened senses.

Falling back into the transmission of the venomous majesty to trance out with an inner inkling of my soul.

Swaying out toward the horizon of a sunrise as life courses through the nerves of a central system.

Bringing the silhouette of a shadowed mirror to fullness from the softened rind of my mind.

A flexibility function to drift off from the central base in a balancing act between worlds.

My falling from grace has shown me the way inward toward the outer realms of construct.

The fabrics of this filament have frayed in the pursuit of nothing that has gone missing.

Seeking myself in the lives of others before this chaotic expansion can rise.

All is the venom as I shift forward in the movement of reality.

A circling completed by the facts I’ve deleted from this document needed.

All that springs from the well as a gushing ink that tinges this fire inside.

Passion arise, I soon realize how many times I’ve looking into my own eyes only to find I’m off to the side.

Now I am the venom, in this world I am welcomed by my unnoticed soul to annex the addendum.

Rasta Double Color Blind


As you taste this shamanistic residually effective tincture, a stellated mind frame will spin inside the galactic wind of these tunnel visioned discrepancies.

Your mind drip will cascade into the images of a double stacked brain surge of surrealistic tendencies.

Juxtaposed ecstatic art to bridge the gaping chasms from one peak to the next.
Studying the effectiveness of a fractal solution, this prohibition of light and truth will incite a revolution.
We are the insane ones for speaking of love and peace, but at least we know that our lives have purpose.
Life is not as transient or insignificant as your studies show, so drop the act and show us the statistical insignificancies of your ill-conceived hypotheses.
Having been led astray for far too long, this liberation will break your manipulated variables to stack the deck of this rigged study of nature versus nurture.
In these retrospective styles we drop in on this tricked out pattern of spiraled infusion.
We break apart from ourselves in the animalistic desire for more pleasure in your confusion.
Going back to the roots of our ancestors, our atavistic sides will spring us forward into the future of civilization.
Societal norms will soon become obsolete as variety is only matched by diversity.
The establishment drags on in the wake of a rising world, as the status quo takes a back seat.
On the backburner lies all things standard in the awakening of a psychosomatic revolution of consciousness.
Our psychotropic influences drive us into the visceral connection of a collective awareness.
In this expanded vision of reality we reach out and beyond because we know how it feels to be left out.
This is a calling to your altruism, so you can either stand out and judge or come in and be accepted.



A man walks into a mirror and shifts on through. His shadow skulks behind and beyond the vain insanity that walks beside him. Fear grips him from the very womb of his existence. He now knows the consciousness of his choice, yet decides to surrender this will to something above himself, something that allows him to feel in control of his own while maintaining the illusion that he can still feel the world around him. As this numbness that is his mind hides in the corner, the world now spanned out before him looms above as a pall and leaves him reeling. Stuttering, stumbling, and swirling, he embraces the detachment within and walks through the hallways ahead.

Lost in his fearful state, the walls dissolve as a ravine congeals out of the mist of unconsciousness. Running red with guilt, the blood that is now soaking his skin from the inside beings to boil in toil. As a sweated brow leans down to drink from the creek, a sudden draught stops the rushing waters to sublimate for others with far greater needs than his own. Those whose lips are parched with greed and fear would build dams to carry the water to their doorsteps only to hoard such chemical stained droplets from the masses and into the mouths of those whose worth is worthy of the cause.

As he walks on into this world of loneliness and rationalization, something awakens to see a light just ahead of the tunnels fashioned of mineral and element. Making his way to the end of what he can see, a smoke screen of mirrored antagonism conceals the illumination he now knew was only in his imagination. He looks all around to find himself surrounded by mirrors whose reflections could not be his own. He saw myriads of doctors and politicians, friends and foes, all manner of likely and unlikely scenarios that played out before him in a string of events leading to the present moment, and yet he was not truly here, not any longer.


He saw himself on a mountain top as a cool breeze brushed his face in the warm sunlight. The air was surprisingly thick and satisfying for such high elevation. As he breathed deeply the body that he knew was not truly his own swelled with peace and tranquility, oxygenation permeating and interconnecting the cells of his figure through coursing veins and nerves to somehow elucidate his soul. A stirring flutters in his heart as a crack begins to smear the smooth surface of his house of glass. Shoving down deeper into the recesses of his pragmatism, he opens his eyes to find a blood soaked plane of existence beyond what he previously knew was possible. Quickly shutting his eyes once more, he dives deeper still to find the perceptional guidance toward an intuitive instinct of impeccable integrity; a plight on the precipice of a double-edge sword.

Darkness lighting up the inner world, he finds himself faced to walk a pathway toward the twilight sunrise of a mountainous ranging deep chasm to compliment his pleasure with diplomatic discrepancies that sugarcoat his sour breakfast with preserving filters. Buffering the dead subsistence he subsumes his own existence into a nihilistic agnosticism that transcends the opinions of those around him. But who could they be? Surely not the ones who love and trust him, the ones who feel and know him, and surely not the ones who empower and encourage him. No, those who surround him are those who feed off of his energy, the ones who place their own stamp of approval on his forehead only to vilify all that he stands for, deprecating his every whim and idiosyncrasy that makes him truly his own but does not match their model of reality and truth.

Easing his eyes open once more, the pain that stings his senses begins to freshen his mind in stimulation and passion. Aggravation of excitation and animation liven his concern from the delusions who he begins to accept as himself. A searing radiance that casts shadows upon his sightline, streamlining the resistance toward a state of allowing and alignment with all that is. Miracles in the daylight shades of elusion work their ways into the awareness of his ego. From the edges of his observation comes a peripheral vibration of blazing symphony, and into the fires of his opus plunges this aristocratic perspective of hope and desire.

As faith immerses him in the Platonic solidity of a liquid stated quantification, nothing materializes quite like the imaginative expression of his conscious mind. While manifestations attract further exhibitions, the wakefulness that undulates between Delta and Gamma radiation expresses in the Universal Intelligence as a brightened lens of consciousness in this moment of timeless presence.


Again he begins to move through this space-time continuum when nothing seems real, but his inner delving begins to expose an eternal truth of stillness. A state of nirvana finds his sentience in the outward phase of altruistic extraction. Those immediately around him begin to discern the inner workings of his soul, while others beyond arm’s length reach out to grab hold of his humanity in the desperate seeking of a love that he does not yet know. Unconditionally their lives drive toward his very heart as an imminent opening becomes eminent. As the crystalline visage begins to spider web out into a circus of emotional integrity, a bestial urging knocks on the door of his determination. Disciplined structures erect themselves beyond the horizon of his internal foundation juxtaposed to visceral whimsies.

A plateaued peninsula circles out and boxes in the gulf of his bayed piracy, sailing toward the shipwrecked core of his childish inklings. Playful expressions of his lost innocence dance with the frolicking suppression of blithe impulses beneath the surface of his vigilance. Beyond the scope of his destructive fabrication lies the authentic nature of all that he knows to be true and integral. Slipping back into the waters of uncertainty and logical findings, such calculated cowardice appeals to the reasonable mind. Irrationality lies deep in the heart as his mind sleeps again in oblivion. A provocation to restore the passion within, such moribund thoughts to drag down all that he knows, but instead he defies fate and writes his own pathway. Igniting the inferno inside, an insidiously inviting incitement entices the intermittent.

Making his mark in the night sky, a star spangled banner of boundaries and restrictions erect themselves around his arena. Courting out and cavorting in, his wild enjoyment becomes something in the way of a longing for peace.

Throughout the twisting, turning tunnels flows an effervescent mixture of chemical current, rushing intravenously toward a pumping, thinking engine with wiring circuits to send signals out toward the foliaged boughs of extremity. An intense tingling in the Tree of Life that stirs deep inside of its roots keeps to itself as nothing gets through these distorted maladies of modified consumption saturating a poignant sugarcoated lining of candied glaze to pad the inner workings of all that stews within the acid environment of corrosion.

While this mechanical equipment stands oiled and primed a certain rustiness sets in with the neglect of higher methods in the apparatus which now stands in the way of a pathway leading to peak performance. Labeling the chemicals on the boxes of organized beliefs, these undulating barriers walk a pale bleached out line of innocence and ignorance, riding the milky fox into the henhouse of artificial compound. A genuine wolf among falsely accused sheep walks at the heart of the damned in the synthetic states of mind. This groundbreaking story to hide from the certainty of revolution looming on the horizon of the threshold he occupies.

Breaking the baseline wide open with a closed off faucet of rushing emotions that build up pressure to the breaking point and beyond all that can be strung into sifting out cascading waters. Discovering a blood diamond in the ruff, matrices of gold in the silver lined jewelry catching fire in the circle of gems and charming bracelets insidiously capturing his attention to suck dry the force of his intention. As energy flows it is converted into the mass of his velocity toward a momentous inertia driving him into the backburner of life.


Reconquering the wheel and brushing off dusts of atomic scales, a solar wind blows into the galactic sky of a stellar soaring. Entropic theories of evolutionary progress that stick pits in the creation of Black Whole events driven toward the horizon of a crossing pattern in tetrahedral magnitude. This grid of solar proportion stars out in a pattern of astral cosmos to space in between the unification of life and the living. Returning to the focal point of a turning light that takes everything from the inside of an organism to the frontier field of wave functions, his peripheral fringe of diffractive fusion in photonic refraction flakes out from this radical environment. Fragments of shards spill out into the universal observance of abundance while indulgence offers a hand to the grand designation of thought and purpose.

A new perspective defined by this perception of illusion in profusion as the enterprise pans out toward the corporation of commercialized infusion. Imbibed imbuing absorption to break loose all else that keeps away his focus for the moment. Such a house of cards constructed upon the foundation of a dying breed, this futile fanaticism of the only thing that brings tranquility to his inner world at the presently grounded statement of peace. Nothing breaks away from this awareness of a headlong falling into the wall from within. Tapering these draperies of travesties in the traipsing of majesties, a stymied amnesty that breaks loose from all broken roads leaning in toward a nostalgic rhapsody. As the sleeping city walks forward in a dreaming iridescence, his darkened chamber loses all that he cannot understand in the end. Variegated light fractals beam out into the unified fields of zero point values as sensations begin to transcend the body into tunnels of flashing expansion.

Suddenly a vehement tempest perturbs his peaceful existence only to find the appreciative gratitude that he perceives in all that befalls him. Falling into this maelstrom of newly violent patterns of action, his mindful thoughtlessness simplifies the algebraic calculation of inequality. As the ratiocination of all nations succumbs to the tranquility of serenity, all else fades into the background of this illuminated screen of pixilated digitization. Electronic elevation of entropic revelation becomes the standard as life itself is reflected in the monitors of displaying function. Input algorithms to volumize the output of industrialized models reflect themselves at the end of a long string of statements determining the position and value of all that follows.

Islanding himself off from the digital developments he deserts the passively progressive for archaic melodies in the symphony of innovative creations. For a time his mind wanders but he begins to find himself there at the center of the abyss, silently waiting his own return.

A man walks into a mirror and shifts on through. His shadow skulks behind and beyond the vain insanity that walks beside him. Fear grips him from the very womb of his existence.