Why Creativity is Imperative to Your Success

As we all know it takes creativity to make it in any sort of way in this world. It takes true ingenuity, originality, imagination—creativity however you put it—to become successful in any endeavor, not just materially. If you are trying to be successful in the bedroom or in an intimate relationship it takes creativity to keep the fire going. It is in our very nature to explore new things, as a sense of adventure, or raw creativity, is ingrained in our DNA.

creative expression

Even if your journey is a spiritual one, it takes creativity to find yourself or God, whatever philosophy you subscribe to. You literally have to carve your own path whether you’re seeking enlightenment or material success, there is no one else who can walk it for you and not a single person who can do it better in your shoes.

Today’s media would have us believe that we inevitably live in a dog-eat-dog world, that nice guys finish last, and that evolution is all about survival of the fittest, meaning that they would attempt to convince that those who are ruthless and capable of insidious domination are exclusively the ones capable of succeeding. This could not be further from the truth. It is so much more difficult to succeed when you operate in this fashion. People work against you, not with you.

Studies have now shown that in order to succeed either on a personal level or a global one we must transition from competition to cooperation. They have discovered through empirical evidence that the ideal amount of competition for success is zero. That’s right, nada, zilch, no competition whatsoever.


What does this mean? That we should do away with competitive sports and the like? Not at all, but that in the business world, the workforce, the home life, and so on, for the highest amount of success in terms of productivity, harmonious relationships, overall quality of life and environment, when we shift from competition with one another to cooperation every single measurable aspect improves without question.

What does cooperation have to do with creativity, and why is it important? Well, many of us believe that you create your reality by your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and while this is true, a better way could be to say that we are co-creating our reality together, and when you are not only creative on a personal level but in harmony with those around you, truly great things begin to happen. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village, or an entire business, organization, activist movement, what have you, to create a video game, feed the hungry, or bring peace to a nation.

Think about it. Have a great day everyone!

You Must Experience the Dark to Fully Appreciate the Light

dark and light

According to most Eastern philosophies and theologies, as well as my own personal philosophy and many other modern traditions, the reason that opposites exist is not just because of the laws of nature, but because as conscious beings we are meant to experience both and by experiencing one we can more consciously appreciate and align with the other.

After having been thrown into the dark, upon reemerging back into the light you are much more grateful for your rebirth, if you will, and after having experienced only the light for so long it can actually be quite refreshing to go back into the shadows from time to time.

Now, this is coming from someone who for one reason or another became obsessed with the shadow early in life, but anyone who knows the beauty of contrast can attest to this. When life seems to be going “too good” it’s a good reminder that you are human when you fall from grace and realize that you are still just like everybody else.

It’s healthy for our egos to experience a blow every now and then, and when you can appreciate them as opportunities to take a look in the mirror instead of reasons to shake your fists in frustration then you can truly find the blessings hidden within each and every one of your struggles, the insights behind each and every downfall, and you can honestly go through life enjoying every single moment regardless of what’s going on around you.

Some of you might be asking how you can align with the dark, when aligning means to be unified with your Higher Self, or the light. Well, you can do this by realizing that although there is but one Source from which all things are made, which is a Source of light, and although darkness is merely the absence of light, the truth is there is no such thing as absolute darkness or a total severance from your Higher Self.

The light is always there to at least some degree and by aligning with the dark when you are in it, which in actuality is more like a shadow, you are aligning with the perfection of life and seeking the reason you are experiencing the plight you have put yourself in, which in effect allows you to more fully align with the light, returning you back to the appreciation of everything that happens to you, not merely what you would call good.

Such is the yin and yang, the ebbs and flows, the seasons of life, and now perhaps you can more consciously experience each of them with appreciation and gratitude.

I am the Venom


Life is the venom, and I am the sweetly poisoned, the raptured, the rupturing snake in the grass, I am me.

I am the light but also the dark, the alpha to my omega, the realization of all that can be.

My life is this moment, this enthralling moment of present awareness in the space-time continuum.

I am in this together with me, the blackness that courses my veins in search of a void to fill.

This life is something I chose, something that takes me back home into the ecstasy of deadened senses.

Falling back into the transmission of the venomous majesty to trance out with an inner inkling of my soul.

Swaying out toward the horizon of a sunrise as life courses through the nerves of a central system.

Bringing the silhouette of a shadowed mirror to fullness from the softened rind of my mind.

A flexibility function to drift off from the central base in a balancing act between worlds.

My falling from grace has shown me the way inward toward the outer realms of construct.

The fabrics of this filament have frayed in the pursuit of nothing that has gone missing.

Seeking myself in the lives of others before this chaotic expansion can rise.

All is the venom as I shift forward in the movement of reality.

A circling completed by the facts I’ve deleted from this document needed.

All that springs from the well as a gushing ink that tinges this fire inside.

Passion arise, I soon realize how many times I’ve looking into my own eyes only to find I’m off to the side.

Now I am the venom, in this world I am welcomed by my unnoticed soul to annex the addendum.

Effective Use of Imagination

What is the point of imagination, its purpose? How is it possible that we “perceive” things that are not immediately available to our sense? In neuroscience they say “The mind is what the brain does,” but how are we able to experience that which is not a part of our sentient awareness? These and countless other questions have confounded scholars for centuries, millennia perhaps, and to this day we cannot answer them with one hundred percent certainty.

In science consciousness itself has been a rather touchy subject over the last few years, some claiming that it “is what the mind does” and nothing more, while others claiming it to be a universal intelligence, a sort of omnipresent omniscience, if you will. Why don’t we examine these two statement?

Clearly the mind is what the brain does, and our consciousness is a result of the activity in the brain, but what about consciousness itself as something beyond our minds? Quantum physics have determined that elementary particles are conscious in that they make conscious decisions based on the assumption of the individual observing them. That being said, if consciousness is reserved for beings with brains, how can these tiny particles have the will of choice?

Which leads us to the idea that consciousness is a universal intelligence that governs everything in the physical realm.


This statement was made around 70 years ago, before quantum physics had made any kind of progress as it has today in the direction of providing us with countless evidence that intelligence is ubiquitous.

So, what does this all mean in regards to imagination? Well, with the understanding that consciousness is not limited to the electrochemical reaction within our nervous system but present everywhere simultaneously comes the realization that our conscious minds are connected to what some call the universal subconscious mind, the governing mind behind all matter and energy, that which is responsive to the suggestions of our conscious minds.

By this I mean that what you hold in your imagination, whether it’s some creative idea or the assumption that your life will always be the way it is now without ever improving, you are suggesting to this universal intelligence what you would like to occur based on what you choose to focus on in your life, so be conscious of your decisions because, as Tony Robbins says, “Energy goes where attention flows.”

Creativity, Why Do We Need It?

First of all, let me ask another question: what would a world without creativity look like? Well, to begin with it could not exist. Creativity and creation are one in the same: to generate something that previously did not exist, at least not in that same way. Every time you are creative you are literally creating something out of nothing more than the quantum leap taking place within your mind, the leap from one location—or, in this case, state of mind—to another without traveling the distance in between.

All of that being said, what would a world without creativity look like? Well, it would probably be black and white because color would not be essential in such a place. It would be drab and stark, very boring. Nothing would be alive, because without creativity how could anything be born or grow? There would be no awareness of anything because nothing would be there to observe it. Are you starting to get the picture? Again, such a place could not exist.


Creativity is the life force that created you, it is the intent behind all things both alive and dead, and it is the awareness of what is being created or has already been created anywhere at any time. Without creativity the world could not exist and it most definitely would not be worth living in even if it was habitable.

With this in mind, how is it possible that human beings have become so uncreative over the last few decades, that we as a civilization have become so unimaginative, so unoriginal that we literally can’t even think for ourselves anymore? Here is a small clip to illustrate exactly what I am talking about:

You see?! We have been brainwashed to believe that who we are and what we are capable of is everything that we have been told, but I myself am proof that when you consciously choose to recapture your creativity, life takes on a whole new meaning and as a result it becomes beautiful in the process.

Now, am I claiming to have an absolutely perfect life without struggle or conflict? Of course not, but what I am telling you beyond a shadow of a doubt is that once I awoke to my own limitless potential and the creativity inside me, I began to see the beauty all around me and my environment responded in kind. To paraphrase Wayne Dyer, I changed the way I looked at things and the things I looked at changed. We must go back to being as creative as when we were children.

Most people think that growing out of your creativity is just a part of life, but I’m here to tell you that it’s actually such an unnatural process it is literally killing us, driving many to early graves due to unfulfilled creative expressions and suppressed creative tendencies. We are creative creatures, and the more we resist our own natural urges to express our creativity, the more disharmonic we become. It is time to change the way we present ourselves and our talents to the world.

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