Cycles and Wavelengths

cycles and wavelengths

Ever hear the saying that two people are “on the same wavelength?” Well, this may have more scientific veracity than you thought was possible. You see, everything down to the smallest quantum level is merely energetic “strings” vibrating at certain frequencies—hence string theory—and everything we experience, including our thoughts and emotions, creates an energetic wavelength that ripples not only throughout our own bodies, but outward and in the bodies of those around us, which has a massive effect whether you know it or not.

Now, a wavelength is defined as the length from a specific point on one wave to the same point on the next successive wave, and a wave’s frequency is a measurement of wavelength (in hertz) over a period of time. So, if you are on the same wavelength as someone you are also on their frequency, as the latter is dependent upon the former. But, what does this really mean?

Well, it means that you are in synchronization with them, or that there is synergy between you, being on the same energetic frequency, or the wavelength at which you are both experiencing reality, from similar states of consciousness. In psychology they say the mind is what the brain does, so if you are in a certain state of consciousness then your brain, indeed your whole body, is emitting a certain vibration, or wavelength, which either resonates or not with those around you.

We each go through cycles of higher and lower vibrational states in our lives, while each wavelength is a cycle in and of itself, and as we all know life is a cycle of birth and death, seasons, and so many other variations; however you measure it cycles can be seen all throughout nature, and the more you notice the rotational pattern of life the more you will tune in to the necessary action and energy levels needed for peak performance.

Think about it, if a sprinter took off with half of their energy they would never win the race, no matter how hard they tried to catch up. Inversely if a marathon runner started out in a dead sprint they would gas out long before the race was over. Essentially you have to learn to pace yourself when life slows down and run full out when it is required. When people say they are just trying to stay afloat it’s because they haven’t picked up the pace to match the point of their wavelength they are currently riding.

Hope this was informative. Enjoy your day (or night) everyone!