About Healthy Imagination

So, I’ve been a blogger for almost two years now (this is my third blog) and I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to share some thoughts in a more or less conversational kind of way. I see many other bloggers doing this and although I’ve never really had a desire to do so until now, I decided I want my readers to get to know me and my vision on a more personal level, that way you can get inside my head and sort of know my heart, as well as you can over the internet anyway.

I created Healthy Imagination because I wanted to have a place where not only I, but others could share their creativity and imagination, and where we can all have healthier lives by allowing ourselves to share the inner most desires, idiosyncrasies, and whimsies that make us who we are, and giving each one of us the permission and empowerment to be who we truly are without judgment or criticism.

Healthy Imagination is about tapping into your deepest desires and living them out either in actuality, through the expression of an art or science, or even vicariously through the adventures and stories of others. It’s about living healthy lifestyles and sharing the things that make us tick, that turn us on, or possibly that make our knees weak and palms sweaty at the very notion of even considering.

healthy imagination

Things that often help us to share with others include dreams and their possible meanings, the deepest and darkest of poetry (or something less intense; I mean, we can’t all be gothic, angst-ridden teens, can we? lol), or perhaps what you need to share with the world in an anonymous (or not) fashion is the way you felt when you saw your teacher bending over in her mini skirt or when you heard a song about murder that really got your blood flowing.

Too many of us are told that we are sinners and need to “repent” for our sins lest we burn in damnation for all of eternity, and although I am not here to convince you otherwise, I would suggest perhaps adopting a more positive, less fear-stricken and ominous perception of life and the choices we make.

We are all human and have certain natural needs and desires that are literally hard wired into our DNA. We are sexual beings! We are meant to experience sexual arousal and, yes, pleasure! Whether you believe in a higher power or not you cannot deny that we were created to experience pleasure during sex. It is a completely natural effect of doing so, and to say that we are wrong or sinful to explore the very things that make us who we are is to say that God, or whatever you think created us, had a flaw in the design when we were made. It is not such a leap to say that we are sinful when using our eyes to see and our ears to hear, when in doing so we are merely using our bodies to do what they were naturally designed for.

god and the devil

As for the pleasure, it is not “Satan’s way of tempting us.” How could this be if it was God that created us, not the Devil? Are you suggesting that when God created the Universe he somehow granted his arch nemesis a certain degree of dominion over his own realm? Who would do such a thing? Who would relinquish any amount of power to someone so evil they were sent to reign in eternal damnation for all of eternity and more importantly why?

Anyway, not to get all religious (I am far from religious) but this is just an example of the topics that might not be considered socially acceptable which most of us actually want to discuss, but are afraid being made fun of for doing so and instead repress our natural tendencies only to conform to the status quo and be accepted. Well, I’m here to tell you that being your authentic self will create more friendships and beautiful relationships than being fake and vapid ever will. Open up to your curiosity and take a walk on the wild side for God’s sake! Who knows, you might just discover a new you hidden beneath all of the suppressed emotion and repressed desires to experience more of life.

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