I am the Venom


Life is the venom, and I am the sweetly poisoned, the raptured, the rupturing snake in the grass, I am me.

I am the light but also the dark, the alpha to my omega, the realization of all that can be.

My life is this moment, this enthralling moment of present awareness in the space-time continuum.

I am in this together with me, the blackness that courses my veins in search of a void to fill.

This life is something I chose, something that takes me back home into the ecstasy of deadened senses.

Falling back into the transmission of the venomous majesty to trance out with an inner inkling of my soul.

Swaying out toward the horizon of a sunrise as life courses through the nerves of a central system.

Bringing the silhouette of a shadowed mirror to fullness from the softened rind of my mind.

A flexibility function to drift off from the central base in a balancing act between worlds.

My falling from grace has shown me the way inward toward the outer realms of construct.

The fabrics of this filament have frayed in the pursuit of nothing that has gone missing.

Seeking myself in the lives of others before this chaotic expansion can rise.

All is the venom as I shift forward in the movement of reality.

A circling completed by the facts I’ve deleted from this document needed.

All that springs from the well as a gushing ink that tinges this fire inside.

Passion arise, I soon realize how many times I’ve looking into my own eyes only to find I’m off to the side.

Now I am the venom, in this world I am welcomed by my unnoticed soul to annex the addendum.

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